Release notes

8th November 2021

Welcome to the official release of Oryxbot!

Below you will find important information regarding this version of the bot client. Read the release notes carefully so you know what to watch out for.

What's new

  • Fully reworked client
  • Bot is once again undetected by EAC
  • Added dashboard - an online interface for interacting with Oryxbot


  • Re-add the feature for recording custom trade mission routes
  • Add additional trade mission locations
  • Further improve behavior for when the bot is stuck
  • Restart the bot on character death


Runs in foreground

Oryxbot does not inject keyboard and mouse events directly into the Albion client application.
Instead, it takes complete control of your cursor and keyboard, meaning you cannot do anything else with your computer while it is running.


Your Albion Online client must be running in full-screen mode for Oryxbot to work properly. Oryxbot retrieves your screen resolution and calculates where it needs to click based on that.

In need of assistance

This is an early release, so the bot might need your help sometimes. The character might get stuck or it can have trouble interacting with the quest NPCs.

Check out the previous release notes

We are back!

The first official release has just been posted!
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