The Albion Online Trade Mission Bot

The most undetectable bot for Albion Online

Make silver effortlessly.

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100% External

Oryxbot runs in the cloud, separate from your computer, so BattleEye is not able to detect it. There is little to no chance of getting banned using the new version of our bot.

Human-like Behavior

Simulating mouse and keyboard strokes with smooth, human-like movements makes the bot's behavior indistinguishable from human players.

Regular Updates

Oryxbot is actively maintained and improved. We play Albion too, thus we are committed to make Oryxbot the best it can be - for you and for us!


Stop going through the grind that is Albion Online. Make up to ≈500k silver per hour depending on how many hearts you're moving!

Works Out Of The Box

You don't have to rely on foreign scripts to get the job done. Everything is built in-house and simply works!


Avoid those nasty gankers by recording your own trade mission routes. Run the route once and have Oryxbot repeat.

in development


Check out Oryxbot in action. This video was recorded while the staff was off eating lunch.
Spend your time elsewhere, let Oryxbot do its thing.

Oryxbot is no longer in BETA, this video is outdated and is subject to change - however, it does still reflect what Oryxbot does


Oryxbot pricing follows a typical monthly subscription based model.
Thank you for your support.

  • 1 month
  • Default routes
  • Custom routes
  • Statistics
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After your first month you will be transferred to the standard rate €20 per month. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

We are back!

The new 2024 release has been posted!
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